Urban Dictionary: six ways from sunday - fucked six times buy a dog


Urban Dictionary: Fucked Six Ways To Sunday fucked six times buy a dog

Absolutely Shitfaced 2.A situation in which there is no way to get out of it. You Can't Lie, bargain, cry, plead, beg, or joke your way out of being fucked six ways to.

This phrase says "six ways" which represent the six days after Sunday in a week ( Monday - Saturday). a bad case of the mondays who think its along time untill they can relax again on sunday. possibly of british origin. Looks like I'm fucked six ways from Sunday." Get a Six ways from sunday mug for your dog Helena.

Puppies, Dick, and Hol Up: when you fucked your dog six times last. Dark humour at it's finest. Really. .. ikr get this reddit crap out of my discord server. Save.