Andy Dick’s attacker says comedian “grabbed [my] genitals” and winked prior to assault / Queerty - andy dick is gay


Andy Dick violently attacked after show, “We thought he was dead” / Queerty andy dick is gay

Andrew Roane Dick (born Andrew Thomlinson, December 21, 1965) is an American comedian, . In 2003, he appeared in Will Ferrell's Old School as a gay sex education teacher, and as a villainous Santa in the movie The Hebrew Hammer.

Andy Dick was born on December 21, 1965 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA as Straight people say, 'You know you're just gay,' and gay people say, 'You.

On @ScottPresler tweeted: "Well, Andy Dick saying he "doesn't grope. is almost as bad as Kevin Spacey equating sexual assault with being gay.