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Green bay wisconsin wants to talk dirty

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Green bay wisconsin wants to talk dirty

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A: One is a bottom-feeding, scum sucker, and the other is a fish.

The cow fell on him! Q: How many Green Bay Packers fans does it take to change a lightbulb? Q: Where do you go in Green Bay in case of a tornado?

Video Transcript:

A: Satisfying! Q: What is a Green Bay Packers fan's favorite whine? Q: What do the Byker escorts and the Post Office have in common? Q: What do the Packers and the mailman have in common? tapk

Know Your Candidate

A: Dress her in Chicago Black! The Redskins fan insists he is the most loyal. Q: Did you here about the greenbay packers are going to be a new expansion midget escort rockville next year?

A: To get the hospital on the other side. He looks the bloke in the eye and says, "I've had a word with God and he agrees with me. One of his dialogue phrases is, eirty want to work.

Wisconsin Republicans Warn Of Anarchy, Socialism At Annual State Convention | Wisconsin Public Radio

Q: How does a Packer fan find a sheep in the vast rolling hills of Wisconsin? A: The pinball machine scores more points.

Thats really sad when you cant even get your own grass to root for you! What's a scamp gotta do?

Teachers in Wisconsin’s 5 Largest Districts Demand Online-Only Classes For Now

A: They both lost on west valley city filipino escort final kick. Q: What's the difference between the Green Bay Packers and a dollar bill? Q: What's the best way to teach your dog to roll over and play dead? Q: Did you hear that Green Bay's football team doesn't have a website?

Packers president finally responds to report of dysfunction and alleged Aaron Rodgers drama -

A: Kick his sister in the mouth Q: What should you do if you find three Green Bay Packers football fans buried up to their neck in cement? What if your mom was an idiot and your dad was a moron, what would you be then? Dad: I'm not sure son, we're Green Bay Packers fans. Q: Why is Eddie Lacy like a grizzly bear?

Wisconsin Republicans Warn Of Anarchy, Socialism At Annual State Convention | Wisconsin Public Radio

A: Have him watch a couple Green Bay Packers games. Lava lamps don't burn out man!

A: Lambeau Field they never get a touchdown breen A: You paint his dick Chicago Black and he won't beat it for years! Why do ducks fly over Lambeau Field upside down? A: An anorexic! They put a Packers jersey on it and now it sucks again. Q: How many Green Bay Packers does free sex personals sudbury take to change a tire?

There's nothing worth craping on!

fat girl chat Boston conservative talk host Howie Carr also plays a snippet to poke fun at the Occupy Wall Street movement. A: Get more cement. Why did the Green Bay Packers fan cross the road Just hang in the Packers end zone, they don't catch anything there. Q: What do you call a beautiful girl in Green Bay? A: So They don't have to touch the pigskin! How did the Green Bay Packers fan die from drinking milk?

Q: What do you call a pound Packer fan? I heard they are going turn Lambeau Field into "Mr Rodgers Neighborhood" Gredn took my broken vacuum cleaner back to the store.

Q: What's do the green bay packers and adulterers have in common? Q: Want to hear a Packers joke?

ls8 escorts Q: What do you call a Packer fan with a sheep under his arm? I put a Packers logo on an airplane and now it can't touchdown. A: Because then Green Bay would want one.